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How does the Hybrid engine work? Will the car stop if it needs to be recharged in the middle of a ride? Does it really help the environment?

Let’s see if we can answer these concerns regarding the purchase of hybrid cars in the Kingdom.

Hybrid Car Technology

Hybrid cars use two sources of power; the first is the electric battery and the second is fuel. The electric battery in hybrid cars recharges automatically while the car is in motion, which means that the car will not stop midway. The energy is used to run your car during traffic to save fuel. In turn, this stretches the time between charges, but if you need to accelerate, the engine will kick in to guarantee a smooth, worry-free driving experience.


An Optimum Choice

Buying a hybrid car is a smart decision and a worthy investment, both today and on the long run. Firstly, most of the braking is carried out by the electric motor, and this means longer engine life. More importantly, your hybrid car will easily save almost 50% of your fuel consumption, seeing that half of your journey time is powered by electricity.


Environmentally Friendly

With almost 50% of journey time depending on electricity, CO2 emissions are remarkably decreased and we are left with fresher, cleaner air to breathe. Moreover, running on electricity makes your journey almost noiseless. This makes hybrid cars perfectly environmentally friendly.


With these queries answered, the decision to make the switch becomes much easier. With hybrid cars, rest assured that you never have to compromise on cutting-edge design, optimum performance and energy conservation. It’s indeed the real deal!

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